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A Recipe for Life

Weight Management

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The Weight Management Program is all about enabling clients to reach and maintain their weight goals in a healthy fashion. In many instances these clients have struggled with their weight for years and have succumbed to the latest fad, gimmick or drug only to declare defeat after considerable expenditure of time, energy and money. Leanne’s approach is to arm her clients with the knowledge to easily apply proven weight-management techniques to their daily regimen.

During the Weight Management Program, clients learn about food selection and preparation, as well as meal planning and healthy snacks to facilitate healthy weight loss –or gain- and to improve overall diet quality. Emphasis is placed on food quality rather than quantity alone. A customized 28-day meal plan with easy to prepare recipes will help to improve digestion and stabilize energy levels.

The program also addresses lifestyle, exercise habits, supplement use, medical history, and health concerns to ensure that essential balance is maintained. An overview of caloric intake calculations, serving size information (calories, saturated & trans fats, cholesterol, fibre, sugars, proteins) including recommended daily allowance (RDA) values, the Glycemic Index, as well as a guide to reading nutritional labels is covered throughout the program. A kitchen content review or grocery store shopping session is available upon request. Clients learn to make healthy choices when eating out in restaurants, as well as when travelling abroad.

Live blood cell microscopy and PH blood level monitoring is included with this program, along with an Acid/Alkaline food chart and guide. Saliva Hormone, Allergy Blood Panel, and Elemental Hair Analysis may be utilized when deemed necessary. Frequent appointments with Leanne help motivate you to make the necessary nutritional and lifestyle changes to achieve your goals.

Professional Fee:
Initial Nutritional & Lifestyle Consultation: $229.00
6-Week Weight Management Follow Up Program: $949.00 Program Includes: A total of 6 appointments scheduled over 16 weeks
8-Week Weight Management Follow up Program: $1249.00 Program includes: A total of 8 appointments scheduled over 24 weeks
Individual Nutritional & Lifestyle Consultation Follow up: $90.00/ 30 min or $150/ hr

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Top 20 Benefits

1. Improve diet quality & digestion
2. Weight management
3. Combat the mid-afternoon “crash”
4. Increase energy levels
5. Learn how to alkalize your diet

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