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A Recipe for Life

Restorative Nutrition

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The Vital Link: Nutrition & Your Immune System

As an active member of the Life Extension Foundation and the International Organization Of Nutritional Consultants, Leanne has a deep compassion and understanding of the current scientific, holistic and conventional options available to clients. She is committed to making a difference in the lives of others, and to helping clients live longer, healthier lives.

Leanne’s program of Restorative nutrition considers the unique hereditary background, individual metabolic state, and biochemical individuality of each client. Live blood Microscopy, Ph blood level monitoring and an extensive nutritional and lifestyle assessment is utilized to create a comprehensive, yet tailored, nutritional and lifestyle program. This includes the implementation of an immune supporting and anti-inflammatory meal plan to help restore essential balance and alkalinity. Other methods applied to the client’s benefit include:

The various modalities offer clients insight into the state of their health and an opportunity to track their progress and to confirm, first hand, how well their program and/or individual protocol is working to meet their needs. Clients are encouraged to use all information as an incentive to make the necessary nutritional and/or lifestyle changes they require to restore optimal health, and to take an active role in the successful management of their health. Clients gain an understanding of the main reasons for the development of disease and how to make the necessary changes to regain their health as they strengthen their immune system and gain an understanding of inflammation and its role in disease, auto-immunity and aging.

Professional Fee:

Initial Nutritional & Lifestyle Consultation: $229.00

4-Week Restorative Nutrition Follow Up Program: $659.00
Program includes: A total of 4 appointments scheduled over 12 weeks

6-Week Restorative Nutrition Follow Up Program: $949.00
Program includes: A total of 6 appointments scheduled over 16 weeks

8-Week Restorative Nutrition Follow Up Program: $1249.00
Program includes: A total of 8 appointments scheduled over 24 weeks

Individual Nutritional & Lifestyle Consultation Follow up: $90.00/ 30 min or $150.00/ hr

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Top 20 Benefits

1. Improve diet quality & digestion
2. Weight management
3. Combat the mid-afternoon “crash”
4. Increase energy levels
5. Learn how to alkalize your diet

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