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Live Blood Cell Microscopy
A monitoring mechanism for Optimal Nutritional Status and Orthomolecular Health

What is Live Blood Cell Microscopy?

Live Blood Cell Microscopy is an effective method of examining both the quality and condition of blood cells. Traditionally, Live Blood Microscopy was utilized as a tool to diagnose the presence of bacteria in the blood and as an aid in cancer research. Nowadays, a growing number of Pathologists, Naturopathic doctors, and health-care practitioners in both Europe and North America are recognizing the importance of using Live Blood Microscopy as a complementary tool. The microscope’s specially adapted, high power magnification and phase contrast projects an image onto a TV monitor that is magnified 1500 times- allowing clients a first hand look at the state of both their red and white blood cells, along with any bacteria, metabolic byproducts, pathogenic microorganisms, atherosclerotic plaque, Uric acid crystals and free radical cell damage. In addition, Live Blood Cell Microscopy can
reveal the following:

  • Poor blood oxygen circulation
  • Cell damage
  • Fatigue identification
  • Yeast/ fungus
  • Parasite infestation
  • Iron deficiency
  • Folic Acid /B12 Imbalances
  • Toxic Heavy Metals
  • Allergies
  • Dehydration
  • Liver Stress
  • Poor digestion

What are the benefits of Live Blood Cell Microscopy?

Professional Fee
Live Blood Cell Microscopy: $90.00 - 30 minutes / $150.00 - 60 minutes
Live Blood Cell Microscopy Package of 3 visits scheduled over 12 months: $240.00

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Top 20 Benefits

1. Improve diet quality & digestion
2. Weight management
3. Combat the mid-afternoon “crash”
4. Increase energy levels
5. Learn how to alkalize your diet

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