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A Recipe for Life


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Cancer Coaching: The Six Week, 6-Step Program
Completing The Puzzle

Cancer is a diagnosis, not a death sentence. Every year, more and more men and women are not only surviving their battle with cancer, they are thriving. As a member of the Life Extension Foundation, Leanne has a special interest in the maintenance and restoration of optimal health through the use of comprehensive, yet tailored, nutritional and lifestyle programs. The six week, 6-Step Cancer Program empowers clients to regain a sense of control over their life and the disease.

*Individual counselling is available to those clients who have undergone some form of surgery and/or treatment program, as well as those who simply wish to support a full recovery with a comprehensive nutritional and lifestyle assessment and accompanying meal plan with recipes and supplemental/shopping guide.

What will I learn during the six week, 6-Step Program?

Professional Fee:
The 6-Step, six week program: $949.00
Individual Rate: Initial consultation $229.00, Follow up consultation $90.00/30 min, $150.00/hr

*Two Live Blood Cell Microscopy sessions are included with all program packages

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Top 20 Benefits

1. Improve diet quality & digestion
2. Weight management
3. Combat the mid-afternoon “crash”
4. Increase energy levels
5. Learn how to alkalize your diet

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